Self Confidence Secrets

Hollow self-esteem only tends to produce impostor syndrome and, worse yet, an entitlement mentality. There is no consistent threshold of success and excellence.

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Self Confidence Secrets
  • Let's Get Clear First!
  • The Problem With Modern Self-Esteem
  • The Real Foundation of Self-Confidence: COMPETENCE
  • Develop Real Self-Confidence Through Competence
  • Setting Your Game Plan for Competence-based Self-Confidence
  • Start with Something You Already Do Well
  • Allow Your Objective Competence to Become A Part of You
  • Take Ownership of More Areas of Your Life
  • Understand That Self-Confidence Can Be Limitless
  • Make Sure There Is No Disconnection Between Your Internal And External Confidence
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Real self-esteem must be based on competence.  

This 12-part video course will help you:

  • To be the best you can be in something
  • To become more confident
  • To learn that self-confidence must come from the right place
  • To have the chance to produce the right things to achieve the right results with the right people
  • To learn how to develop self-confidence that cannot be taken away from you

Topics covered:

  • Set Big Goals
  • Make Real Decisions
  • Consistency Is Key
  • Nothing Is Impossible
  •  Be Accountable
  • Live In The Moment
  • Be Adventurous
  • Words Of Success
  • Be A Lifelong Learner
  • There’s No Such Thing As Failure
  • 10 Courses
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